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Whisper takes the plunge

Most humans, especially my own, generally agree I am a well-behaved, obedient dog and most of the time I am just that.

However, I have to confess there is a little part of me that was born to be wild and, every so often, I have to let it out.

Regular readers will know I enjoy the odd chase – squirrels, pheasants, rabbits, I’m not fussy. I’m also known for my occasional races round the garden when I take off and do six or seven laps at top speed. I particularly enjoy doing this on a windy day with my ears blowing behind me.

This week, however, I went totally ‘off piste’. I can only put it down to the weather. It was one of those beautiful afternoons that we get here occasionally in Cornwall in December. The sky was blue, it was sunny and warm, the light was sparkling on the river. I had been enjoying myself racing along the path, running up hedges, sniffing out rabbits and sticking my head down fox holes.

We were almost back in the village. I knew my human was going to call me to put me on the lead and I took it into my head to run off and jump in the river. I bounded to the edge and launched myself into the water. Gosh, it was cold! It was also flowing rather faster than I’d reckoned and, as I paddled downstream, I remembered there was a weir coming up. I think my human remembered too as she came running down the path just as I was scrabbling up the muddy riverbank.

Back home, it took lots of warm water to get the dirt off and I’m sure I heard someone mutter ‘daft dog’, although my ears were a bit water-logged. I prefer to think it’s my playful Spaniel side coming out, although I think I will wait until the water’s a bit warmer before I take the plunge again!

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