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On the run!

It’s always fun when someone comes to stay with us here in Cornwall and my humans are particularly happy when the guest is one of their children. Last week their youngest son paid a visit – and I’m still recovering!

This youngest son is a bit of a whirlwind, forever on the go and always up for a bit of exercise. Last time he was here, he rode a tiny motorbike all the way from Scotland to Cornwall with a huge yellow bag on his back. This time he arrived more conventionally by train, but the big yellow bag was with him again and I learnt he travels all over the world with it. (I’ve heard him say he travels light, but I happen to know our attic and several cupboards are full of the rest of his stuff!)

And if you thought he’d like a cup of tea and a rest after a long train journey from London, you’d be wrong. As soon as he arrives, he grabs my lead and we’re off for a good walk over the hill and through the fields.

Next morning, he’s up early for a run round the village - with me gallantly trying to keep up - and after breakfast he’s in the garden lifting weights and stretching, while I keep an eye on him from under the apple tree. At lunchtime, it’s on with the lead again as we stride down the river to a restaurant for lunch and back again. After my tea, I’ve barely time to recover before he’s grabbed my lead and suggests an evening stroll.

I think he has forgotten I’m nearly nine years old – nearly 70 in human years for a Spaniel – and more of a stroller than a springer these days. I’m secretly rather pleased that with his departure life has resumed its more leisurely pace, but I like to think I gave that young man a run for his money while he was here!

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