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All steamed up!

As a home-loving country girl, I am always a bit nervous about big days out. If there’s a long walk in the outdoors at the end of it, I’m happy. When we set off in the car, though, it’s a case of waiting to see where we end up.

I knew on Saturday that we were going on a journey because the back pack was loaded in the car and there was generally more hustle and bustle than usual. When we finally set off, I settled down on the back seat but there wasn’t much chance of a snooze before we stopped again.

I looked around and sniffed with interest. This was definitely a new place for me, so I trotted off with my ears pricked and my tail wagging ready for an adventure. And what an adventure it was!

We were in a place called Camborne for something called Trevithick Day and I have never been in a place so crammed with people, children and dogs of all shapes and sizes – both human and canine! There were also huge machines pumping out heat and steam and, oddly, loud music, which I found rather alarming. The machines weren’t moving and my humans spent a long time taking photographs and chatting to the people who were looking after these monsters. Happily, several of monsters appeared to belong to Spaniels like myself so, while the humans chatted, we got to sniff each other out. Some of them sported jaunty neckties and I secretly hoped I met get one to wear.

There was so much to see, but I think I had the best viewpoint being so much nearer the ground, especially when it came to the dancing as I was at foot-level. It also meant I could snaffle some of the tastier bits of pasties and ice cream that had been dropped on the pavements by careless humans!

I was very curious to see giant policeman stalking about the town. They spoke like humans so I guessed they must be humans, but I kept out the way of their long wood legs. I was also unsure about the ladies, who I took to be statues, who began to move when you approached them. Several children shrieked when they moved so I guess they were as uncertain of them as me.

After all this, I was happy to have a rest at a big building at the quieter end of the town where there was tea and cake for the humans and water and biscuits for dogs. It was a thoughtful gesture at the end of a busy but enjoyable day and, as I snoozed in the sunshine, I had a marvellous idea - they should rename the celebrations as Terrific Day!

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