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Cutting a dash

I’d been aware for a while that my humans weren’t too happy with my last wash and clip. There were mutterings over the hairbrush as I enjoyed my nightly grooming session and grumbles every time we came back from a muddy walk about the efforts needed to keep me looking clean and tidy.

On the occasional hot days we’ve had, I was aware myself that my coat felt thick and heavy, and I wasn’t looking forward to the summer with all that fur.

I wasn’t too surprised, therefore, to find myself being bundled into the car for a trip to a new dog groomer who got off to a great start with me and my humans by saying she was a Spaniel owner. I therefore knew I was in safe hands and overcame my natural shyness to make friends with the groomer’s young daughter, who plied me with treats I was only too happy to offer my paw for!

The groomer worked fast and in less than a hour I was beautifully clean and sporting a sleek style that knocked years off me. I was also delighted to be given a smart pink and yellow bandana to complement my new look. I’d spotted several Spaniels wearing these in Camborne recently and had secretly hankered about one for myself.

Lots of people have commented on how young I’m looking now and I have to confess that I feel I’ve been given a new lease of life and feel positively frisky, so much so that I’ve cleared the garden gate a couple of times, just because I felt like doing it. I’ve also had several dips in the river and the sea without needing any encouragement, partly because with one good shake I’m almost dry, instead of having to be rubbed down for ages with a towel.

This new look’s been given me all the incentive I need for letting my hair down in my old age!

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