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Whisper's busy day

My life has a pleasant and fairly regular routine, punctuated by walks and meals. Every so often though, we seem to have a day where lots of things happen at once. Just like this week.

Monday began, as usual, with one human dashing out early to her circuit training class while my other human and I took to the fields for an early morning stroll through the dewy grass. There was lots to sniff and it was already pleasantly warm so I relished my breakfast and a long drink of water back home.

I was anticipating a snooze in the sun in the garden, but it was not to be. Two chaps turned up with a lot of fearsome-looking garden equipment and I was bundled into the car and driven to St Just to be bathed and trimmed at the dog grooming salon.

Dozing on the back seat on the way home, I looked forward to a bit of peace and quiet, so imagine my astonishment when, no sooner had we got back and my smart new look had been duly admired, my lead went on and off we marched down the river to the estuary.

I was warned on several occasions not to go in the water. I didn’t really fancy it – it looked a bit cold – but I did enjoy worrying my human as I scampered as close as I could get to the edge without actually falling in. We ended up at a café where I finally got to sleep in the sun for a couple of hours while my human chatted to her friend.

Then it was a smart trot back home for my dinner and I really thought that was the end of all the activity. However, my other human said that he needed to stretch his legs so on went my lead again and we were back up to the fields as the sun set.

On our return, I decided to rest under the desk in the study. I was so tired that I couldn’t even be bothered to hang around the kitchen while supper was being cooked. Once the fire was lit, I came down for a cuddle on the sofa before going, at last, to my bed. I slept very well that night!

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