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Toes in the water in Bath

Regular readers of my blog will know I’m a country girl at heart and find busy, noisy environments a bit of a challenge. I’m not a fan of long car journeys either. I was therefore rather worried when I saw my bed, toys and food going into the car boot on Friday evening. Usually when my humans go away, they leave me with my Spaniel friend, Molly, and her humans, but not on this occasion.

Settled on my travelling rug, I did wonder of we were ever going to get there – and judging from my humans’ comments, so did they! When we eventually stopped at a house I had never seen before, I was delighted to find one of the junior humans of the family lived there and we had a very licky, waggy reunion in the hallway.

My tail was still wagging next day when I discovered I was in a place called Bath that has lots of parks, woods, a canal AND a river and that the city is very dog friendly. I was welcomed in every shop and café and met lots of similarly-appreciated canines wherever I went. Bath features heavily in the novels of Jane Austen and dogs are everywhere in her books so maybe that’s why.

As part of the experience, I had a ride on a boat, a first for me. I was rather concerned by the noise of the engines. After a nervous start, however, I found my sea legs, so to speak and thoroughly enjoyed the on-board refreshments and commentary, especially the bits about the wildlife. I also enjoyed the attention of two sweet little girls on the opposite seat.

It was only a short visit but I hope to renew my acquaintance with dog-friendly Georgian Bath soon.

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