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Spring fever

Just as I think I’ve got my humans sussed, they do something to surprise me.

We’d had a pleasant enough Saturday. It had been cold and windy so we had been indoors rather more than usual. Just as I was expecting the fire to be lit, they decided to go out – in the car. I had no idea what was happening but jumped into the back seat, happy to go along with them.

We didn’t go far and I recognised where I was as soon as we got out. There’s a place they call ‘the island’ in Hayle opposite the big supermarket and late on Saturday evening, we had it all to ourselves.

The tide was in, the cold, grey water whipped up by the wind, and hordes of seagulls were floating around in the air streams making a racket. I raced around, ears flapping, and was mad with delight to find the humans had brought a tennis ball with them for me to catch and bring back.

We walked to the end of the spit of land and while they sat on the bench admiring the view, I went off for a good sniff in the brambles. Having not been here for a while, there was plenty to get my nose into.

We made our way back to the car in the dark, with just enough illumination from the lights around the harbour to make sure none of us ended up in the water. I slept very well that night.

Sunday was just as exciting. I knew a long walk was in the offing when the flask came out and various bits of food were wrapped and put into the back pack.

We took to the lanes at the back of our village and spent three happy hours walking in the sunshine, admiring the flowers in the hedgerows, chatting to the farmer and avoiding fields of cows. When we got to a favourite spot on the river, the humans had their picnic while I went for a swim before we strolled back home for a chicken dinner. Talk about having a spring – or should that be the spring, I wonder? - in your step. I was like a dog with two tales!

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