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Old dogs, new tricks

Experts in Hungary have discovered that dogs can learn toy names. Really? They call that news in the world of humans?

They didn’t need to carry out a worldwide study to come to that conclusion. A quick visit to me could have told – and shown – them all they need to know!

I’m not saying I can compete with Border Collie Gaia from Brazil - apparently the cleverest dog in the world - but I can retrieve my blanket, teddy and raggy when asked. I also know of a staffie cross rescue dog in our family who has learnt the names of his toys and can bring them back to his owner on command.

The study concluded that dogs are capable of learning a remarkable number of words and commands and are happiest when they are put to work every day. I don’t mean to be disparaging but anyone with any sense can work out that an animal that can sniff out drugs and bombs, aid humans with hearing and sight impairments and even be trained to load and unload a washing machine is a creature of superior intelligence. Running around picking up a few toys on command is puppy play compared to that.

You want to know what’s really clever? Posting a regular blog! Now that’s being really smart.

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