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I’m not a big fan of travelling by car, or cars in general. I much prefer using my own four legs to get around but accept that occasionally I have to endure being strapped into my seat-belt on the back seat of our vehicle where I usually go to sleep. As our car is a convertible, having the roof down on hot, sunny days makes a journey more bearable.

The other week, we went on a trip I thought would never end. When we finally stopped at a house near Truro, I was appalled to find that after a drink of water and a quick sniff around, I had to get back in the car! I was relieved that the lively young pup I’d just met was travelling in another vehicle in our three-car convoy made up of my humans and numerous other members of their family who were on holiday.

At our first destination, we were turned away as at mid-morning all the car parks were full. We therefore had to drive on another few miles where we were directed to an overflow car park. By this time, I was desperate to stretch my legs and enjoyed feeling springy grass then hard tarmac and finally warm sand under my paws.

Eventually, we came to a huge sandy beach where I flopped down on a comfy rug and snoozed in the warm sunshine, watching the humans playing in the water. After a long walk and a dollop of ice cream, I went in for my own dip.

Some of the younger humans decided to play ball and the young pup, called Joey, and I had great fun trying to beat them at their own game, which we did quite successfully on a few occasions. Joey turned out to be good company once he’d calmed down and we became good friends.

Tired out by the fresh air, exercise and affectionate attention of all the humans, I stretched out on the back seat of the car on the way home and came to the conclusion that a day on the beach in Cornwall can be pretty good – even if you have to drive there!

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