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It's a gift

As a friendly dog, I like bringing presents to people I like. Sometimes it’s my blanket, my teddy bear or perhaps a shoe belonging to my humans.

However, I’ve discovered that people coming to stay here don’t always seem to understand or appreciate my gesture and seem a bit bemused by my offerings. Perhaps they don’t have dogs – or the sort of dog who does this.

Let me tell you that this behaviour is quite normal for lots of dogs, whatever breed they are, and generally we’re just trying to show you we love you!

I’m a good dog in that I don’t take any old item to someone. You won’t find me rummaging in the linen basket to offer you smelly socks or underpants in my desperation to please. For me, it’s personal and I don’t hand over my beloved teddy bear to just anyone. It was a special present from a couple of lovely children who stayed here on holiday and I treasure him in their memory.

Dogs can be quite possessive of their toys so when we bring them to you, we are expressing our trust in humans to care for them and for us. We’re also trying to get your attention as we love to play and most people find us irresistibly cute when we behave like this, so please don’t ignore us. We’re just trying to tell you we want to play.

As for me, I like the fuss. It’s a good way for me to get to know the humans coming on the site, finding out whether they like dogs and if I’m likely to have some new friends for a while so play along with me!

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