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Heavenly peace

I have various spots around the house where I like to curl up for a snooze between meals and before and after walks.

My favourite is in the small office where one of my humans works during the week. It’s a small, cosy room and the carpet is lovely and thick, especially under the desk. I have got used to the occasional foot nudge from my human when he forgets I’m there but if he treads on my tail, I usually hightail it for the rug at the top of the stairs.

This is a good spot for me as I can see anyone coming to the front door, which is always exciting. Also, I can keep an eye on my humans as they go about their business. I really don’t see that lying across the busiest crossing point in the house is in any way my fault, but I decided to move when one of my humans tripped over me carrying the laundry basket and said something rather naughty.

I tried my bed for a bit, but it’s out of the way in the kitchen and I spend enough time in it at night. Then I tested the spot by the fire. It’s not lit during the day and somehow it doesn’t feel quite right. I was seriously tempted by the sofa but didn’t quite dare go for it as officially I’m banned from sleeping on it. It’s new, you see. I’m working on that.

Still on my hunt for the ideal place to snooze, I took myself back upstairs and noticed a bedroom door was open. The bedrooms are another banned area but both humans were busy so I trotted in for a sniff around and discovered a perfect Whisper-shaped area under the warm radiator and out of everyone’s way. Bliss! I don’t think the humans have noticed yet, so let sleeping dogs lie I say!

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