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Feeling 'ruff'

I mentioned last week that my roaming activities had been curtailed and now I am confined to the house!

It’s not because I’m in trouble. Far from it. I am the centre of attention, being pampered and generally fussed over as I am recuperating from surgery to remove a cyst from my back. It was benign but growing so my humans decided to have it cut out.

I was at the vet’s for the day and I felt really rough when I came round. My head was woozy, my legs were like jelly and my throat was desperately sore. I couldn’t face anything to eat or drink when I got home and went straight to my bed and stayed there until the following afternoon.

I can now go out for a maximum of ten minutes – on the lead – and I have to wear a special jacket to keep my wound clean. I can’t see it myself but I’m told it’s a pretty awesome scar. It’s just starting to itch so I have to roll around on my back to try to ease it.

In the afternoon my bed gets put out in Sunny Corner so I can watch what’s going on but it’s very frustrating having to lie there and not do anything, especially when I can see the builder’s dog running round. She comes and has a sniff but she knows something’s up so doesn’t hang about.

I hope to be properly back on my feet by this time next week when the stitches will come out and then there’ll be no stopping me!

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