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Bone of contention

I’ve mentioned previously that we have a number of tradespeople on site, including two builders who are here every day and both of whom have dogs.

Both animals are considerably bigger than I am and while I don’t mind company, I do draw the line when they start to treat the place – and me! – and if it’s their territory.

Although both lady dogs, as am I, they enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with lots of barking, playful nipping and the odd snarl. It’s not my scene so I tend to make myself scarce when they get going.

Also, one of the builders who has been working here longer than I’ve been here, is very generous at sharing the contents of his lunch box and, as a Spaniel with non-stop appetite, I am a bit miffed when it has to go three ways rather than two!

Therefore, I didn’t feel too bad when I took advantage of their bad behaviour. While the other two were messing about, I spotted one of them had left a large and juicy bone lying on the grass. What a shocking waste! No-one spotted me take it although I did have a bit of trouble getting it in my jaws and running off with it. I settled down in a quiet spot near the laundry and spent a delicious time licking out the marrow and having a good gnaw on the bone.

When the other pair eventually came looking for me, there wasn’t much left. The rightful owner snatched up the remains and trotted back to her owner looking suitably hang-dog. I stayed sitting quietly with no evidence of my bad behaviour to be seen other than the occasional lick of my chops to remind me of that yummy treat.

I’m guessing they won’t be including me in any of their games any time soon but ask me if I care!

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