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Birds, bees and butterflies

Our new home has a small back garden with an apple tree in the middle of the lawn. There are also two small terraces filled with potted plants and a stony ledge, which runs down to the front of the property.

Over the past couple of weeks, several new things have appeared in the garden. Firstly, bird feeders were strung up in the branches of the apple tree. I now spend hours on the lawn watching the birds flying around and getting into all sorts of contortions, including hanging upside down, to get at the fat balls or seed-filled coconut halves. To my delight, they quite often drop bits on the lawn for me to hoover up as a tasty treat.

Secondly, some tiny plants were dug in along the ledge. They have been planted to attract bees and butterflies, apparently, but they are so small I didn’t notice them until I got told off for treading on them and I’m now banned from running along the ledge. This is a pity as it was a great look-out point for any comings and goings at the front of the house. Now I have to make do with sticking my nose through the gate.

Finally, a bird bath turned up. I understand it’s not for me to drink out of – I have a bowl outside the back door - but for the birds and insects who need more water sources. However, perched above it on the decking, I have a great view of all the creatures using it, which is another good pastime.

I realise none of these things were put in to entertain me, but the natural world is proving to be every bit as absorbing as anything humans watch on the television!

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