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An eggciting find

I’m a Spaniel and I LOVE my food. Imagine my delight therefore when, on one of our riverside walks last week, I sniffed out a chocolate Easter egg. Not any old chocolate Easter egg, mind you – one especially for dogs!

You might not know that canines generally shouldn’t eat normal chocolate that humans eat. I do know that but – and here’s a confession – I have been known to lick up any spilt crumbs from the carpet when they’ve dropped there and done so without any ill effects. I’m certainly not as bad as one of my Spaniel predecessors who, from what I’ve overheard, would actually steal and scoff any bars of the stuff left lying around within reach. How naughty! But that’s boys for you.

Anyway, back to my egg. It was in a box wrapped up in a plastic bag with the picture of a terrier and a message from a dog rescue charity who’d placed a number of such eggs in popular walking spots for lucky dogs such as myself to find.

My humans carried it home for me and I sat impatiently by them in the kitchen as they unwrapped it. To my horror, one of them broke off a chunk and ate it, right in front of me! A piece off MY EGG, found BY ME, left FOR ME and meant to be eaten BY ME! It was too much. I forgot my manners and nudged his elbow repeatedly with my nose to get his attention. What if he ate the whole lot? And I’m not being dramatic here. My humans, particularly this one, like their chocolate. I was seriously worried.

Finally, he got the message and broke off a piece for me. I decided not to run into the garden to eat it on my own, as I usually do with any titbits. I couldn’t trust him. I therefore savoured it under the table keeping a very close eye on what happened next.

My humans decided I could have a small piece every day as a treat when they had their elevenses. I suppose it’s better than nothing but I have to say that next time I find a treat, I might need to find a way of keeping it to myself!

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