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An apple a day

We all have our little idiosyncrasies, an odd habit peculiar to an individual, and I’m no exception. Mine is collecting apples.

Don’t ask me why I do it. I just know I get a great deal of pleasure from running into the garden and collecting any windfalls first thing in the morning and at any point during the day when they drop onto the grass. They make a satisfying thump as they hit the ground and my hearing is so good that I can hear them drop from where I lie at the top of the stairs and make a beeline for the garden.

I don’t like the brown squishy ones, only the firm green ones. Some are so big I can hardly pick them up, but I love grabbing one, doing a few laps around the garden then bringing them to my humans who seem oddly amused at my antics. I have to admit that I do the same thing at other people’s houses and they, too, seem rather bewildered when I bring them presents of apples but I can’t stop myself.

With my soft jaw, I don’t damage the apples so most of them make their way into cakes and puddings or apple sauce.

I do, however, enjoy eating some of the smaller, juicier apples. I have always loved apple cores and my humans always give me theirs when they finish an apple.

I’ve heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and as I received a clean bill of health from the vet this week, I rest my obsession, sorry – case!

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