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All stuck up

I’m always very interested when something new happens and quite happy to get stuck in to whatever’s going on. Last week, however, I stuck my nose in a bit too far and I’m still paying the price!

It all started with my humans chopping up some logs from an old tree that had come down and deciding to reorganise the wood pile.

Logs were being moved and put into piles and I had a great time sniffing around in patches of the garden that had been undisturbed for months. When I came up for air, I had a good shake and all sorts of debris came flying out of my fur. Then I sniffed the air and realised there was something tangy and rather sweet nearby. It was irresistible.

I followed my nose to a new pile of wood and started rooting around. As I went to pull myself out, I realised my ear was stuck. I pulled my head back and my ear came free – leaving a clump of fur on the wood. Then I noticed my back was sticky and the fur on my legs was covered in something equally tacky. I had a roll on the grass, only to find the grass came up with me! I had a good lick of my legs, but the sticky stuff that had smelled so pleasant tasted disgusting so I gave up.

When my humans discovered my plight, a bowl of warm soapy water was produced along with a towel, a pair of scissors and my brush. It took a long hour to get all the resin off my coat, by which time I was rather fed up and happy to lie in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.

There are still patches of fur that need to grow back, so I won’t be winning a beauty contest any time soon. As for the pine logs, I shall stick with enjoying their scent as they burn on the fire!

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