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A moving experience

So much has happened to me since my last blog that I don’t know where to start.

It began with things disappearing. Not small things that you might overlook, but big things such as pieces of furniture. I would wake up in the morning and find chairs or a bookcase had gone. I had a good sniff around and the place smelt the same. The rooms just started to look and sound very empty.

Boxes appeared in the kitchen and saucepans, crockery, glasses and mugs went into them. My bowls stayed in their usual place and no-one touched my bed, but I began to feel rather unsettled. Then a very friendly chap with a big van turned up and took all the boxes and the last bits of furniture away. Later that day, my humans put a slim, red leather collar on my neck with a shiny disc. Being a free-range dog on a farm, I have not worn a collar for a long time and I was puzzled as to why I had to wear one.

Then one day, I was put in the back of the car with piles of coats and bags, and we drove to a house which I remembered. We’d been there before to see men working there. There had been a plumber, a builder and a painter who were all very friendly and let me roam around sniffing out the place. I have to admit that I thought it damp and cold with a distinct aroma of cat. The garden was more fun as it was a completely overgrown wilderness for me to run around it.

I was therefore thoroughly shocked on this last occasion to find a very smart place with new carpets on the floor – and all the familiar items from our other house inside. This is where all the furniture had gone! Outside, I had another surprise. The wilderness had been replaced by what I thought was a thick green carpet but turned out to be grass.

I was so confused and disorientated. Everything looked and smelt familiar but was in different places. I found my bowls, my teddy and my bed then lay down on a new rug in front of a fire which looked just like the one in the other house.

We’ve been here a few days now. I’m warm, well-fed and my humans are making a big fuss of me, which is reassuring. I’m also getting lots of walks but on my lead, which is a novel experience. We keep coming back to this house and it’s starting to feel familiar. My humans seem happy and settled so I think we may be staying here.

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Tilly Travers
25 mag 2021

We will miss you at the cottages Whisper. Take care and be happy!

Mi piace
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