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A change of scene

My humans took themselves off for a much-needed holiday last week, leaving me here in Cornwall.

Not that I am complaining. Far from it. I could not have been happier. As well as avoiding long spells in the car, which I detest, I had a wonderful time staying with dear friends who treated me like a guest of honour.

I guessed something was happening when my blanket, towel and toys ended up in the washing machine. I like my doggy smell and would quite happily avoid ever having my things washed but that’s not the done thing when you go to stay in someone else’s house I understand, especially when they don’t have a dog themselves. When my bed was taken out into the garden, shaken, bashed and vacuumed, I knew something serious was afoot.

If I’m honest, I was dreading a long trip in the car and then I began to wonder if we were moving house again. I felt quite unsettled for a couple of days, but I need not have worried. On the Big Day, I was only in the car for five minutes when we pulled alongside a garden and stopped.

Here I found my dear friend Sam and his family waiting for me. They have a wonderful garden to mooch around in, plus a very comfortable sofa they were happy to let me lounge around on. As I’m banned from the new sofas at home this was a luxury for my ageing bones after long walks in the country.

My humans were gratifyingly pleased to see me when they returned and made a huge fuss of me having apparently missed my company. Not so much that they want me cuddled up with them on the sofa, mind you, but I’m working on that!

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