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A breed apart

I’m not trying to boast or start a row with anyone – doggie honour and all that! – but it seems to me that all the best people have a Spaniel, whether it’s a Springer, like me, a Cocker, or a Cavalier King Charles.

I got thinking about this when earlier this week the man who services the cookers turned up. He asked if he could let his dog out while he worked as he’d had to bring her along as there was no-one at home to look after her.

I’d already given him credit for his politeness and his obvious care for the dog when out jumped a chocolate Cocker called Amber which immediately sent him sky-high in my estimation and earned him my very best attention and waggiest tail.

Amber and I had some fun together although I must admit I find bouncy seven-month old puppies a bit wearing now I’m well into middle age!

Both our weekday and Saturday postmen have Spaniels; all the members of the shoot have Spaniels; our electrician has a Spaniel called Molly who is my special friend as I stayed with her while my humans were away and was made very welcome.

Famous people have them too. George Clooney has a Spaniel as does Charlize Theron. John Wayne and Lauren Bacall had Spaniels as did Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton and Patrick Leigh Fermor. We even mix with royalty. Princess Caroline of Monaco has a Spaniel and TRHs the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a Spaniel with his own Wikipedia entry!

As if that wasn’t enough, I have now discovered HRH The Queen – yes, our beloved Monarch Queen Elizabeth ll – breeds Spaniels as well her more-famous Corgis and Dorgis. I’m so chuffed I feel I have been given a royal seal of approval and it’s made my day!

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