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Whisper takes control

Things have been rather unsettled since my last blog. One of my humans has been ill and had several visits from people in green outfits before eventually being taken away in an ambulance.

For these visits, I was shut in the kitchen but, on the final visit, I was still in the sitting room. One of the green outfits made such a fuss of me I thought I was going to be allowed in the ambulance with my human, but I was ordered back into the house.

Once they’d left, it was so late I thought it would be bed time, but my other human had other ideas. Windows were flung open, the bed was stripped and remade, the bathroom and bedroom were scrubbed out and then she started vacuuming! In the middle of the night, I ask you! I don’t like the vacuum cleaner, so decided to make myself scarce in the office. She was so tired after all that activity she didn’t notice and I stayed there for the rest of the night.

In fact, I was there well into the morning as, no doubt thanks to all that cleaning, she slept on until I decided I could wait no longer to be let out and fed so pushed the bedroom door open and licked her hand.

I am not allowed in the bedrooms but needs must and I wasn’t told off. However, things got even more disconcerting. Home from hospital, my human stayed in bed all day and all night, and I didn’t see him, although I could hear him, which was confusing. My walks became a quick trot round the village at odd times and even my meals seemed to be a bit hit and miss. There were no evenings cuddling up on the sofa and bed time seemed to get earlier and earlier. No-one seemed very happy and I felt neglected.

I decided to keep a closer eye on them and broke out of the kitchen where I usually sleep and lay down on the nice thick carpet outside their bedroom door. That was fine until one of my humans tripped over me in the dark.

There was a fuss, but I made it clear I was not happy in the kitchen. Every time I was put to bed, I pushed my way out until eventually they gave in and moved my bed to the office, which is where I now sleep at night, a few feet from my humans in the neighbouring bedroom. I find this comforting and reassuring.

I’ve also taken to lying at the top of the stairs when they are upstairs and on the bottom step in the sitting room when they are downstairs. That way, I know exactly where they are and what they doing. It also means they can’t miss me as they have to step over me. My initiative seems to have worked. Things are slipping back into the old routine and life is slowly becoming less confused. I’ve also got a cosy new place to sleep at night, so it’s win-win for Whisper!

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