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'Tis the season

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‘Tis the season

I’m exhausted! As a Springer Spaniel, I have high energy levels and love being outdoors but right now a snooze on the sofa is an attractive option. There’s been so much to do recently on top of the routine jobs.

After an early breakfast, it’s up to the chickens. Then, while the wood chopping is being done, I’m off on patrol round the farm sniffing out changes. I know, for example, that there’s something nasty in the woodshed (a rat, I think) and that the owls have relocated from the yard to the big barn. I need to knows these things.

Once the heavy work such as clearing ivy or digging out brambles starts, I take myself off to chase pheasants across the big lawn or find something smelly to roll in. Always good fun.

In between times, I’m on alert for visitors and recently we’ve been getting numerous deliveries throughout the day and into the evening, all of which need sniffing out, a huge amount of tail wagging as I escort the drivers to and from their vehicles and, of course, my favourite game when I race in front of the moving vans.

The other day, I decided to run after one of my humans, who was cycling down to the village. It’s rather a puppyish thing to do and I don’t know what came over me but there we are.

Several unscheduled shopping trips have resulted in my having to share space with boxes and bags of all shapes and sizes, rolls of paper, which have a nasty habit of bashing me painfully on the nose, plus on one occasion A WHOLE TREE!

I’ve noticed the big laundry has been brought back into use and the machines have been thumping away, which means visitors must be arriving.

There’s also been extra activity in our cottage with cleaning, baking and washing plus familiar items moved around, which I’ve found confusing and unsettling. To top it all, I was lying under the table when I made the mistake of sniffing a piece of sticky stuff which floated down and stuck to my ear.

Something’s in the air, for sure, but I haven’t quite sniffed it out yet. All I know so far is that it involves lots of extra work and running about! I’ll keep you posted.

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