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Size doesn't matter!

I meet lots of dogs on the footpaths around the estate where I live and some of them have become good friends on intimate sniffing terms. I count several Spaniels, a Jack Russell, a couple of Labradors, two Lurchers and a Collie among my closest acquaintance.

There are also some German Shepherds that come through on a daily basis but I give them a wide berth. They are beautiful specimens but very large and more than a bit intimidating so I have no intention of getting close enough for any of them to sniff my bottom any time soon!

Imagine my surprise when, over Christmas, I trotted round to see the girls who spend their holidays here to be met by two big eyes and the largest ears I’ve ever seen on such a small head regarding me from about four feet off the ground. The little thing was trembling in the arms of the girls’ mother and I quickly had to think tactics.

I don’t do barking and I wasn’t sure a submissive roll would work in the circumstances, so I adopted the ‘sit’ position and did my best to look unthreatening. I was about to jump up and take a closer look when it was lowered down to me to have a sniff and a quick lick. It smelt like a dog and, once on the floor, I could see it was indeed a dog, although the smallest version of one I have ever seen.

I wasn’t quite sure what was expected of me so I decided to come home and have a think about it from the comfort of my bed. I’ve learned since that’s it’s a Chihuahua and I guess it might feel about me as I do about German Shepherds.

What I do know is that dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colours but underneath we’re all the same – your very best friend!

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