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Settling in

I think we might be staying in this new property. Things are no longer disappearing and turning up somewhere else and familiar items from the old house seem to staying put, albeit in new locations.

There also seems to be a new routine. I don’t have acres of farmland to roam around in, but my humans are taking me on lots of walks in new locations. We’ve discovered new footpaths with fields, woods and streams for me to run around in, which has been very exciting for me.

Back in the garden here, I have been entranced by the amount of bird life attracted to the apple tree and the bird feeders my humans have put out, which gives me hours of interest as I watch them flying to and fro and dropping down onto the grass below to peck at the ground. I have been very good and not chased a single one so far. They are not big like pheasants so it doesn’t seem fair. My humans are particularly happy that a robin seems to have made his home with us. He’s a cheeky little thing and very bold, strutting up and down as if he owns the place. I might have to keep an eye on him!

I have some doggy neighbours, whom I’ve yet to meet properly. I’ve heard rather than seen the dog next door. I think he might be getting on a bit but he’s rather yappy and easily disturbed by people or vehicles turning up. The lady opposite has a Springer Spaniel, a brown and white one. We exchanged a quick sniff under the gate but that’s as far as that relationship has gone to date.

There are a couple of things that have confused me. To my surprise and pleasure, we still have the same postman. I am very fond of Martin because he’s a nice man who loves Spaniels, but I wasn’t expecting to see him here. The other thing is that on one of our walks, I am sure we went down part of the riverbank across from where we used to live. It smelt familiar and I had a strong sense of recognition. My humans made a fuss about going back another way so I’m still puzzling that one out. Despite the time I spend with them, humans can still be a big mystery to a small dog!

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