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Living on a farming estate gives me all sorts of opportunities for having a good time, especially when it comes to following my nose for an exciting scent. Once in a while a really good one comes along and I can indulge myself. That’s what happened this week.

Early one grey morning, the humans disappeared with the tractor. I knew they would not be long as they’d left me on guard outside. I waited patiently in the yard watching the last few leaves fall and wondering if it would rain before they got back.

I was just about to go and sniff around the recycling boxes when I heard them returning so I stayed put and boy! did I get my reward.

The trailer was full of rich, stinky, well-rotted horse manure from the nearby stables and just ripe for sniffing and rolling in.

I’d better not go into too much detail about the pleasure it gave me but I didn’t even care about being told off and having to be cleaned under the hose before being allowed in the house. Rolling in that stuff drives me wild and it was heaven!

Snoozing by the fire that evening, dry and smelling in a way the humans found acceptable, I relived those happy moments and felt very connected with my wild canine ancestors. Here’s to the next delivery and some more mucking about!

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