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I love to go a-wandering!

I’m getting a bit of a track record for going wandering. Nothing too daring, just the occasional break-out to remind my humans they need to keep an eye on me and that there’s life in this old girl yet!

I blame the gardening. For a start, I don’t like the mower. It’s a big, noisy machine that frazzles my nerves and means I can’t lie on the lawn in peace. Secondly, I just don’t get the interest in watering plants, dead-heading them, topping up soil in the pots and generally cosseting the flaky things. All that work and they bloom for five minutes and die!

I followed my humans around for a bit, sniffing at the earth they turned over and the clippings they’d taken off the bushes, but it was quite boring. Running around with my toys failed to get their attention and jumping around on the terrace just got me told off.

I could hear children’s voices and laughter coming from nearby and thought it might be fun to join them in whatever they were doing so took a flying leap over the gate (go, girl!) and trotted off down the drive.

It was just my luck that, as I decided to cross the road, a van came down the hill. Now, I’m really not good with traffic and decided to keep on going in the expectation the driver would stop. He did. Just.

Next thing I knew, I was being cuddled by a very nice lady who had no issue with me being on the sofa while her husband found my phone number on my tag and tried to ring my humans. Their mobile phone doesn’t ring inside the house and it was some minutes before a text message got through, by which time my humans were already out in the street looking for me and various messages had been posted on social media.

I never got to see the children but I have found two new admirers in the house across the road. I don’t think that van driver could be counted as a fan, mind you, but you can’t win the hearts of them all!

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