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Home, sweet home

Since my last adventure, I’ve been hanging around our cottage rather more than usual. It’s partly to keep on the sweet side of my humans but also because I’ve realised there’s quite a lot going on on our doorstep.

There’s one particular place outside the sitting room window that my humans call ‘Sunny Corner’. If the sun’s shining, it hits this spot for most of the day making it a pleasant place for elevenses, afternoon tea – and bird watching.

This is my new hobby and it started when I was grounded for reasons I shall skim over but can be read about in my previous blog.

I was lying under the table in Sunny Corner when a twig fell out of the sky in front of my nose. I looked up to see a tiny bird fly into the wall and disappear! I was so surprised, I shot up to full attention and focussed hard on the spot where the bird had vanished. My perseverance paid off. A few minutes later a little bird shot OUT of the wall and over to the hedge where it started tweeting with considerable gusto.

It then became apparent that the bird was taking twigs from the bush and putting them in a tiny hole in the wall above the shed outside the sitting room window. I have become quite fascinated with their antics and can while away quite a lot of time watching them zooming in and out of the hole to the bush and back at with incredible speed and accuracy.

I’ve gathered the birds are called wagtails and are building a nest for a family. My humans seem pleased to see them so, while I think it's rather an odd place to live and looks like a lot of hard work, I too shall look forward to welcoming them to their new home with us in Sunny Corner.

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