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Feeling sheepish

I have a very happy life and am a contented dog so I don’t think about any other life than the one I currently enjoy here in West Cornwall.

However, I have been watching a programme with my humans about a family who live on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales with numerous children and their collie dog and, from my point of view, it looks idyllic.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to be a Collie – all sharp nose and rough fur and made to sleep outside in kennel – but I think I’d like the lifestyle with all that space and fresh air. And sheep.

I don’t get excited about sheep – or cows, or horses, for that matter. I think they lead a pretty boring life from the little I’ve seen of them standing around in fields eating grass, but the thought of running round getting them to do what I tell them looks like fun. My ears pricked up at the TV farmer whistling commands and I know I could pick up that side of things pretty quickly as I’m a fast learner and my hearing is still good.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when our farmer turned up here a couple of days after the programme and mentioned to my humans that he’s going to put some sheep in one of the fields! I could hardly believe it. I also felt a bit sheepish as if thinking about that Yorkshire farm had made it happen as it was such a coincidence.

The sheep are due this week, so I keep trotting down the drive to see if they’ve arrived but no sign yet. I’ll bet they are going to be a talking point for the walkers, cyclists and riders who come this way as there haven’t been animals on the farm for some years – and I’ll be just as curious.

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