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The sharp-eyed among you will have spotted my absence from social media last week. I was enjoying an enforced rest after over-doing it in the bad weather.

I’ve always had a weak back leg and, as I get older, it seems to play up when it’s cold – and it’s been bitterly and unseasonably cold here in Cornwall recently. I enjoyed a busy few days as there’s lots happening with two builders, an electrician and a plumber on site and two of them have dogs with them for me to play with.

One evening I came in cold and wet and after drying out in front of the fire, I couldn’t put any weight on one of my back legs. Cue lots of concern and cuddles from my humans, who fussed about checking my joints and paws.

Then they came back with a bowl of antiseptic with which they bathed all four paws. I hate this stuff. The humans use it on themselves and animals for any scratch and scrape anyone gets on the farm. I believe it’s called TCP and it stinks! It also tastes disgusting when I try to lick it off.

I endured it all but I was happy to get into my bed where I stayed for the next four days, apart from limping into the garden at necessary times, of course. It was so wet and cold I didn’t mind that much and there were still plenty of people coming to the door to keep me interested.

Now I’m back on all four paws again and running around as usual. I’ve just had a wonderful run down the drive smelling the daffodils, jumping over puddles and chasing a few pheasants. Spring is in the air, it would seem, and I feel as frisky as a lamb!

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