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Animal antics

We’ve had a triple invasion of unwanted creatures this week, starting with a pheasant killer.

Six birds were found dead in a pen by one of the shoot who initially thought a fox was responsible. Further examination of the feathery corpses revealed bite marks indicating the work of a stoat or weasel. Now the shoot captain plans to stage a night vigil to catch the creature responsible. I won’t be joining him!

Next we had a fly invasion one evening after an unseasonably warm day which seemed to wake them up. I do not like these insects. They flit around, causing distraction then upset as people try to swat them. I was most put out by one landing on my nose. The cheek of it!

Things came to a head when a particularly annoying specimen kept settling on the screen of the laptop while the humans were watching a film. A tv thriller turned into real-life murder when the humans resorted to using a noxious spray that kills flies on contact. That sorted them out.

Finally, we have a nocturnal visitor behind the sitting room skirting board. The noise sounds like a mouse playing marbles and the first time we heard it, it was right behind my bed which I was in at the time. I was out of there in a flash and stayed in the kitchen until it seemed safe to go back.

It’s happened every night since then and it really freaks me out, especially as the noise is never in the same place twice. The humans have decided to call in the rat man, I’m pleased to report.

At this time of year, I just want to be left in peace by the fire in the evenings after a busy day outside. I don’t mind the humans sharing it with me but the rest of my fellow creatures can find somewhere else to keep warm!

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