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A walk on the wild side

I am in the dog-house. Big time. In fact, if there was a still a kennel here I would be in it. As it is, I’m confined to the house and walks are now on the lead only. It’s my own fault and I can only hope I will be forgiven soon.

It’s been warm and sunny and there’s been so many interesting things happening, plus lots of walkers on the footpaths, that I’ve been out from dawn to dusk enjoying myself. Perhaps all the fun went to my head.

I decided to take myself off the estate for a walk in the big wide world beyond. Of course, I go out regularly with my humans on foot and in the car for walks by the sea and in the countryside, but I’ve never gone off on my own before.

I trotted down one of the footpaths, had a good sniff around, then found myself on a road. It seemed familiar so I kept on going but then there were rather a lot of cars and they were going quite fast. I wasn’t sure what to do and was starting to get a bit panicky when a lady stopped her car and came over to me. She made a big fuss of me, so I was quite happy to jump in her car.

She took me to a vet in Penzance where I got lots of cuddles and fuss and no end of treats which was all very nice. I was quite happy for them to examine me and scan me to find my microchip which showed them where I lived.

I’d just settled down on the surgery floor and was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to feed me as it was gone 4pm when my humans arrived to collect me. No-one scolded me but I could tell they weren’t happy. They weren’t happy for the rest of the evening. I was banished from the sofa for cuddles and now my freedom to roam has been severely curtailed.

I’m trying to be good and not planning on any more adventures – for a while.

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